Installing VS2010 Beta 2

I have just installed visual studio 2010 beta 2, on my windows 7 laptop, it went fairly well, this was a dvd install and not the web version that is available, which might be different.

My only problem has been that I had already installed Expression Studio 3, so had Silverlight already installed, choosing the default full install of visual studio threw an error when it tried to install Silverlight! So if you have Silverlight installed already it might be an idea to remove it before running the VS2010 beta 2 install. also I noted at work that behind a proxy can cause problems with the documentation, which would not install, which is not a huge problem as I tend to use online documentation as a default anyway.

Love the new interface, very crisp and very fast even on a laptop, although I am not sure of the dark blue colour, and I do wish I could close the menu bar etc so I could get the maximum available real-estate for my code windows, but minimising the menu bar closes all the windows as well even though they are detached.

I didn’t try the beta one very much, other than to fire up the VPC, but this version seams very stable, I am just waiting for Resharper, before giving this a serious workout.


About Duncan Butler

Trying to be a very agile software developer, working in C# with Specflow, Nunit and Machine Specifications, and in the evening having fun with Ruby and Rails
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