My First Ever Screencast

Well I have at last put my code where my mouth is đŸ˜‰ and uploaded a screencast, this is of me carrying out a simple code kata, something I have been doing in private for a few months now, I started with Uncle Bobs bowling kata, and then got introduced to Roy Osherove’s String Calculator kata.

The idea of the kata is that you memorise it, and then do it every day, I spend 25 minutes doing the kata first thing in the morning, the idea is that it builds muscle memory, and the habit of test driving your designs, which I have found to be very useful.

One final part of the kata is to perform it in public, so you can get feedback and gain insight into your code style, with the aim of improvement, so with that in mind I present for your perusal and comment

The String Calculator Kata.


About Duncan Butler

Trying to be a very agile software developer, working in C# with Specflow, Nunit and Machine Specifications, and in the evening having fun with Ruby and Rails
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