I am Alive


Ok so its been a while, and no one noticed, but I am still alive, and have loads of things to blog about, which I hope to do over the next few weeks, I have installed a few new programs, and chosen a launcher for my Vista laptop, so things have been busy.

Most of my time has been taken by non computer things at the moment, mostly the garden, and having the yearly cleanouts of the house, it always amass me how much stuff you can gather which is never used, worn or viewed, so the charity shops are having a great time at the moment.

The Launcher I have chosen for my laptop turns out to be the Enso launcher, even though its not yet officially available for vista, and at first it didn’t click with me, it has some features that I really like, after reading the blogs and emailing the designers I discovered that Enso actually uses your favorites folder so I can type go http://blah and Enso opens the my browser and off it goes, I can close tabs and programs from its commands etc, so it has a lot of power, as it turns out its a bit like Code Rush, I have had it for over a year, and I am still only using about 10% of its power, I think that I will still be learning things about Enso for may months, but it has turned out to be very intuitive to use.

Talking of Enso I had a load of problems with our firewall at work, and the support team at Enso were great, when you think how cheep this program actually is to buy, there support beats the pants of most people, they are there and helpful, and within hours had my computer working a treat.

What made me decide to go with this launcher then, to put it simply it was Enso Words this product so changed my life, for me spelling is a real pain, and being able to simply check a word in any application simply changed the way I work, I now don’t worry so much, and when I am unsure I simply highlight the word I want to check (even in Visual Studio, when the word is part of a camel cased variable name or command) and hit caps lock type sp, release caps lock and the word is checked, alternatives given in a new window, and I am able to check the definition of the word as well so I can ensure that I have actually got the correct word in the first place.  It was so great, I decided that the Launcher must have hidden talents, the price ensured that I would get good value for money, so I went for it, and I have not been sorry.

I would suggest that everyone had a go at these products, they are simple to install, and use, although I have found that it takes time to retrain the hands not to go for the mouse every time I want to close or minimize a window and moving between windows.

this post was a prime example of how things have changed, I wasn’t sure of the word amass, so a quick highlight, holding down caps lock and typing de ensured that I was using the correct word, and the launcher is just a good, try them out, and let us know how you get along, they are a new way of working, which is simple and very quick.



About Duncan Butler

Trying to be a very agile software developer, working in C# with Specflow, Nunit and Machine Specifications, and in the evening having fun with Ruby and Rails
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