Book Review – The book of the dead


As with most books I have read, I actually listened to this via Audible, so I will be supplying both links.

I should first say that apparently this is the third book in a trilogy, and I haven’t read any of the other books, written by Douglas Preston or Lincoln Child, so this a totally new experience, the title interested me, and I have an interest in Egyptian things, and being an Audible member allows me to pick books that I might not buy in the shops.

I don’t really want to give a story outline as its available elsewhere, but more to give my impressions and how much I enjoyed it (or not)

The audible book came in two parts, and was the unabridged version which I prefer, so I got the whole story, there are books that grab you and carry you along, others start slow, this grabbed me from the first page, to be honest I wasn’t sure at the early stages where I was being taken, and having not read any other books in the series I didn’t know the characters so had no preconceptions.

At about the begriming of part 2 I sort of knew where the story was heading, and could understand what was happening, seeing the pieces fall into place, but the writing just would not let me stop, each turn promised and delivered.

I early did enjoy the book, not one that I think would make a good film, but the characters are interesting and I shall be reading the other books in the series.

from Amazon The Book of the Dead

 and from or Audible UK


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