Windows Vista on a Virtual PC

Ok so what have I been upto, there was an update to windows vista build recently, and it coencided with a link to a blog that I hadn’t seen before
I had never installed vista until now, fallintg at the first hurdle, not having a DVD writer and not being able to get the virtual machine to read the iso image.  blog "virtual vista" takes you through each step, and supprise supprist it all worked as advertised.  even running virtual pc on a windows home installation.
It took three days in total (well evenings to be honest) one to download the iso for the latest ctp build, and the next to start the install, which went without a hitch, although it did take an age, (all night) for it to install, the following evening was installing the virtual server additions and setting everything up. 
I at the moment cant get vista to see any other machine on my network, (even its host) but It can get to the internet, and happly downloaded the Microsoft updates.  I suppose now I will have to install visual studio and see how it feels to develop in this new environment. 
Looking at vista itself, currently (and this is only a ctp remember) it feels very much like xp, the style is different, and there is certinally a lot more security (dialogs keep poping up asking is its ok to run this or that), but finding my way around was not a problem, and it seams that a lot of effert has been made to make the basic setup as simple as possible.
As a developer i know that a lot of the changes will be invisible to most, as they are in the way things work, and the support for new devices etc, but I am still looking forward to installing this on a real (as opposed to virtual) machine, maybe in the next ctp.
for thos who have the msdn subscription, you rearly do need over 512k to make the virtual machine work with vista, as on my machine (p4 266 with 768 ram) it is quite slow at times, I suppose an upgrade is in order now.
All I need to do now is sort out why the install cant see the host machine, any ideas anyone?

About Duncan Butler

Trying to be a very agile software developer, working in C# with Specflow, Nunit and Machine Specifications, and in the evening having fun with Ruby and Rails
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